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Our Philosophy

A Culture of Excellence

We believe that creating a Culture of Excellence is the key to developing strong media properties that provide top quality service to our audiences and our advertisers, returns to our investors, and job satisfaction to our staff members. We have identified three key elements to creating this culture:

1. Meeting Our Commitments: All of our constituencies: our audiences, our advertisers, our investors and our staff members, must know that whatever it is we say we will do, we will do it. For instance, when we tell our audience that they can count on us to get the latest factual news presented in a clear and fair way, we must deliver on that every time. When we commit to our advertisers that their schedules will run as ordered, we must deliver equally consistently on that. When we tell our investors that we will deliver certain financial results, we must come through. When we tell our employees that they will be given opportunities to learn and advance, we must similarly make that happen. Learning to set proper expectations, creating and implementing plans to meet those expectations, and doing so consistently, takes a lot of work and commitment in itself. As a company and a management team, we believe this is a critical element in creating a Culture of Excellence.

2. Being Number One: Excellent companies are leading companies. We are fortunate that a number of our operations are already number one in key ratings and revenues. However, the competition is always striving to beat us, and we must set our sights on not only continuing our leadership positions but growing them. It is a lot more fun to be on offense than on defense, and we can never rest on our laurels or assume that just because we are number one today that we will be so in the future without working to make our properties the very best they can be. And for those operations that aren’t yet number one, we must act to gain and retain that position.

3. Doing it Right: While accomplishing great things is important, how we accomplish those things is equally so. “Doing it right” means treating our audiences, customers and each other with decency, respect and integrity. It means not denigrating our competitors or cutting corners on ethics for the sake of expediency. It means having a clearly defined set of goals and plans and involving our entire staff in creating and executing them. It means being an organization that values learning, growth and change, and an environment where people can ask questions and make suggestions with confidence. It means being able to make mistakes, to admit them and to grow from them. And it means taking pride in what we do and accomplish, but never arrogant about it.